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● 團隊簡介 Team Profile



Smart-live team, headquartered in Hong Kong, has set up "off-the-shelf" online and offline physical operations in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen to support partners in Hong Kong, domestic or overseas, provide systems and technologies, impart experience, assist operations, and open wealth income Pipeline, to create a successful team of active and happy.

● 樂活團隊的優勢 Advantages of Smart-live team


1/ 集零售、批發、團隊、網商、社交新零售於一體  

Integrate retail, wholesale, team, online business and social new retail in one


2/ 直接對接國內總公司 

Direct connection with domestic headquarter


3/ 被授權建設獨立的網站及營運系統

Authorized to build an independent website and operating system


4/ 協助伙伴全球寄貨 (一件代發),伙伴們不用擔心庫存及貨運問題

Assist partners in global shipments (one shipment), partners do not have to worry about inventory and shipping issues


5/ 龐大文字及圖片資料庫提供給加入經營的伙伴

 A huge database of text and pictures is provided to partners who join the business


6/ 已有成熟的進人、育人系統,協助伙伴建立自已的團隊,輕鬆開展事業

There is a mature system for entering and educating people, assisting partners to establish their own teams, and easily develop business


7/ 已有成熟的客戶服務,協助伙伴們管理客戶和團隊

Existing mature customer service, assist partners to manage customers and teams


8/ 大量真實客戶的案例分享

Case sharing of a large number of real customers


9/ 每月蛻變營帶動客戶

Monthly transformation camp drives customers

● 素時刻總公司的優勢 Advantages of SUTIME Headquarters


1/ 資金充足,實力雄厚

Sufficient funds and strong strength


2/ 集團經營板塊多,眼光準確,成功經驗豐富

The group has many business segments, accurate vision and rich experience in success


3/ 其下全國瀛和律師事情所,為我們在法律上把關,絕對合規合法

The next National Law Office and Lawyers Office are the legal gatekeepers for us, which are absolutely compliant and legal


4/ 構建全球化素食產業鏈綜合平臺,佈局精密

Build a comprehensive platform for the global vegetarian industry chain with a sophisticated layout