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關於產品 About product



We guarantee that all UPAI SUTIME products sold are genuine and authentic. Customers can place orders according to the quantity they need, as little as one box, no limit.



Because SUTIME is a very healthy and beneficial food, many customers often or long-term consumption, so the store uses the principle of buying more and more preferential, different quantities and different prices.



After eating our vegetarian products, after experiencing the benefits of vegetarian products, you can consider joining us and becoming a general distributor to enjoy the repurchase discount. The more you eat, the lower the price.

關於產品交貨期 About product delivery time


訂單一經付款確實,就會安排產品按客戶的收貨地址出貨,一般出貨期為付款後2-6天之內, 如遇銷售高峰等等之原因延遲出貨,我們會預先以電郵及電話(或通訊軟件)通知客戶。如未如期出貨,而又不能確保於14天內寄送出,客人有權利申請取消訂單,我們亦會於2-3天內全額數退回款項!

Once the order is confirmed, the product will be shipped according to the customer's receiving address. The general shipping period is within 2-6 days after payment. If the shipment is delayed due to sales peaks, we will email and Telephone (or communication software) to notify customers. If you do not ship as scheduled, but can not be guaranteed to be sent within 14 days, guests have the right to apply for cancellation of orders, we will also refund the full amount within 2-3 days!

 關於產品寄出或送貨 About product shipping or delivery



After the product is sent, we will arrange to inform the customer of the shipment information such as the waybill number. At that time, the customer can check the logistics status of the product and can arrange the receipt of goods with a more budget. Generally, the local area can be received within 1-3 days. Once the product is shipped, we will keep the shipping certificate, and the delivery responsibility is to the cooperating delivery unit. The status and the latest logistics situation we can only ask them, not within the scope of our control.


* 如客戶需要使用非我們指定的快遞或運輸公司之到付服務, 請在下單後盡快通知我們為你安排!

* If the customer needs to use the delivery service of a courier or transportation company other than our designated, please notify us as soon as possible after placing the order!

 關於退貨及退款詳情 About return and refund details


一經付款確實,我們就會為客戶準備產品,收貨前或收取貨後的任何退貨申請都不予接受;除非在14天內,我們仍未能為客戶提供產品, 否則不設退款;敬請留意。

Once the payment is confirmed, we will prepare the product for the customer. Any return application before or after the receipt of the goods will not be accepted; unless we still fail to provide the product to the customer within 14 days, there will be no refund Please note.

 關於本網站的內容 About the content of this website


本網站內容由 MY SUTIME 擁有, 如發現任何人仕抄襲,定必追究。

The content of this website is owned by My SUTIME, if anyone finds any plagiarism, it will be investigated.