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With the gradual improvement of living standards, the proportion of obese people is increasing. Obesity brings not only appearance changes, but also effects on physical health. Weight loss has always been a hot topic today, and the resulting numerous weight loss products are even more dazzling and difficult to choose.



Yujian Health has always advocated the use of vegetarian food to achieve the purpose of light body health. Whether it is five-grain meal powder or vegetarian nutrition bar, it adheres to this concept and presents it to consumers in the best form. Su Moment followed in the footsteps of the two explosive products to launch a new product-bulletproof solid beverages, whether it is product concept, packaging design, or experience effects have subversive significance.


素時刻防彈固體飲料以粉劑的形態呈現在大眾面前,採用白+黑的理念,推出輕體組合: CLA防彈固體飲料,適於白天吃,可以作為代餐提供必要的飽腹感,消耗脂肪; SES防彈固體飲料,適合晚上吃,讓大家在睡眠中減肥塑形。白+黑組合讓你實現白天健康吃,晚上躺著瘦。這款組合除了在包裝設計上不同之外,在口感、原材料、減肥機理上也會做出明顯區分。

SUTIME's bulletproof solid drink is presented to the public in the form of powder, adopting the "white + black" concept, and launches a light body combination: CLA bulletproof solid drink, suitable for daytime consumption, can be used as a meal replacement to provide the necessary satiety and consumption Fat ; SES bulletproof solid drink, suitable for eating at night, allowing everyone to lose weight and shape during sleep. The combination of white and black allows you to achieve "healthy eating during the day, and thinness while lying down at night." This combination is not only different in packaging design, but also in terms of taste, raw materials, and weight loss mechanism.



In terms of the applicable people, SUTIME's bulletproof solid beverages can be targeted at people of all ages who are concerned about light body health, especially those who pay attention to body management, appearance image, pursuit of fashion, active fitness, attention to food safety, willingness to invest in themselves, and pursuit of quality life People.



As a conceptual light-weight food, SUTIME bulletproof solid drink is subdivided into "CLA Bulletproof Solid Drink" and "SES Bulletproof Solid Drink". It is taken in combination with morning and evening scenes and paired with a healthy diet, making it easier to lose weight with less effort.



If you want to know more or more details about its ingredients, nutritional benefits, eating methods and safety certification, Click the link below!