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Urbanites pay attention to health, in the busy life for effective and balanced absorption of all kinds of nutrition, many per capita have the habit of taking meal replacement, among which powder chong adjust food supplies have a certain audience. However, water is required to be used every time for preparing and adjusting food products, which lacks the flexibility of "just eat what you want". However, Sutime vegetarian nutrition bars can solve the above problems.



Sutime vegetarian nutrition bar is a quick, whole-grain, ready-to-eat snack with low - carb water.There are two flavors of mango and pumpkin seeds, each consisting of about 20 grains, seeds and nuts. Compared with liquid food substitute, Sutime vegetarian nutrition bar can make eating feel chewable, which can indirectly protect the brain and strengthen the bones.



Nutrition bar with natural AA pumpkin seeds as main material, combined with the high-quality natural fiber, such as chia seed and konjac. It has five advantages, such as high nutrition, improve intestinal health, improve weight loss, reduce bad cholesterol and improve the feeling of satiety. With no artificial colors and preservatives, nutrition bar is an absolutely no-burden nutritional meal replacement.



In the manufacturing process of nutrition bar, the technology of squeezing and ripening grain is adopted to retain the original nutrition of food materials and improve the utilization rate of nutrition ingredients, so that the body can absorb nutrition more thoroughly when taking it.



Whether it's tea time at the office, a trip that makes you hungry, or kids clamoring for a snack, Sutime vegetarian nutrition bar is a great option!



What's more, eating a nutrition bar is equivalent to absorbing the dietary fiber of one broccoli and the protein of two eggs. Eat 2 can absorb the nutrition that a meal needs (have a meal only 1/3 quantity of heat), need not worry absolutely because of excessive, and bring about obesity and increase body burden!



Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of having no water and no place to take nutritional supplements, you can try the Sutime vegetarian nutrition bar no matter when and where, it is also good for your health! For more details, please click the following link.